• Stop The Torture At Dehiwala Zoo

  • Our Mission

    The disgusting Dehiwala Zoo, is located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We are aiming to push firmer regulation of Dehiwala Zoo, and more funding. Accompanying that we must see dramatic improvement in the condition of the animals and the quality of their enclosures. If Dehiwala Zoo will not meet these (extremely reasonable) expectations. Our Campaign will move for closure of the zoo and for the animals to be moved to reputable sanctuaries. Please Sign Our Petition and help us bring action against Dehiwala Zoo.

  • The Facts

    The Horrible Truth of Dehiwala Zoo

    The Death

    In July of 2014 a lion at Dehiwala Zoo died. There is much debate as to whether this was due to negligence and mistreatment or due to natural causes. There is currently no official, independent ruling. However, we will allow you to draw your own conclusion, based on the horrific conditions at Dehiwala Zoo.

    The Conditions

    As you can see from the images thus far and the images in the "Gallery of Torture" below, these lions live in horrible, torturous conditions. Without the proper care they need.

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